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Expert Septic Tank Services

Precise Drainage Solutions offers professional Septic Tank Services tailored to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of your septic system. Our specialised team is equipped to handle various septic tank needs, from maintenance to repairs, ensuring a properly functioning system.

Our Septic Tank Services

Scheduled Maintenance: We provide routine maintenance services to ensure your septic tank operates efficiently. This includes regular inspections, tank pumping, and checks for signs of wear or damage.

Repairs and Replacements: In the event of damage or malfunction, our skilled technicians are proficient in diagnosing and repairing issues within the septic tank system. We offer efficient repairs and replacements to restore optimal functionality.

Installation and Upgrades: Should you require a new septic tank installation or upgrades to an existing system, our team offers expert guidance and seamless installation services tailored to your property’s needs.

Why Choose Precise Drainage Solutions for Septic Tank Services?

Specialised Expertise: Our team has extensive experience and specialised knowledge in handling various types of septic tanks, ensuring accurate diagnostics and effective solutions.

Compliance and Regulations: We ensure that all our services comply with local regulations and guidelines, providing you peace of mind and legal compliance.

Customer Support: We prioritise clear communication and support, guiding you through the process, addressing concerns, and ensuring satisfaction with our services.

Benefits of Professional Septic Tank Services
Professional septic tank services ensure the longevity and proper functioning of your septic system, minimising the risk of backups, environmental issues, and property damage.

Contact Us for Septic Tank Services
For professional Septic Tank Services, from maintenance to repairs and installations, contact Precise Drainage Solutions. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the health and efficiency of your septic system.

Choose Reliability, Choose Precise Drainage Solutions
Rely on Precise Drainage Solutions for professional Septic Tank Services that maintain the efficiency and longevity of your septic system. We are committed to delivering expert solutions tailored to your septic needs.

Purchase of a maintenance plan

I called this company after finding them on Checkatrade, they had helped me with a blockage to my kitchen drain. I then was recommended a drain maintenance plan which they included the first call out for free! Interesting to see if they can keep up the good work in the coming year whilst under the plan. So far so good, keep up the good work.

Clearance of blocked drain

Fast, reliable and tidy.

Drain installation

Want to reward them for the work completed on the repairs to my drains. 10/10 the chap Michael is a very hard worker I must say.

Purchase of a drain maintenance plan

Really positive on precise drainage, the maintenance plan saved me a huge amount of money! Feels good being a priority in an emergency. Highly rated professional company with an amazing identity.

Replaced gully in my back garden

They were very polite and quick and left no mess and I have no problems since

Drain unblocked and a CCTV survey.

I rate this these guys, its hard to rate a good reputable drainage company today, but yes its a 5* from me. Good Day, Adrian.

Down pipe and soak-away installation

Excellent service! Originally I had another company out to quote me for a new soak-away and storm down pipe to be installed to the rear of my property and they quoted me far to much! I then approached this company and they sent a very polite professional employe out to carry out a free estimate which was also half of the amount I was quoted by another company, work was agreed and carried out 3days later by two very talented chaps! Thank you for such a kind and professional experiance. Best wishes liv.

Drain CCTV survey

Very on the ball with everything, the equipment they use is very state of the art! The full report I received from the CCTV survey is done with huge amounts of professionalism. Recommend by me.


I couldn't be happier with the work Precise Drainage Solutions did on my property. They fixed a longstanding drainage problem quickly and professionally. 5 stars!

Install new soakaway and ACO system to drive

Jack and his team did a great job replacing the failed drainage system to my drive. Prompt, polite and competent, they did the job for the price quoted. Precise drainage responded to my job on checkatrade quickly and were professional throughout. Recommended.

New gully and drain lining installed

Excellent all round service. Drains needed a survey and remedial work completed, which I'd struggled to get completed elsewhere. PDS were clear, confident and reliable throughout.

Kitchen drain blockage removal

Very reliable, and very very fast at arriving to my property. Appreciated a lot.

Toilet unblocked

Amazing service. Recommended by myself.

Blocked drain

I'm thoroughly impressed with this company. They are experts in their field, and their attention to detail is commendable. I highly recommend their services. Thank you a lot.

Blockage solved

Kudos to Precise Drainage Solutions for their prompt response and expert service. My drainage problem is now history. Thank you!!!

Drainage issues

Exceptional service! The team from Precise Drainage Solutions went above and beyond to solve my drainage issues. Fast, efficient, and friendly. Highly recommended!

New drainage system

My old drainage system had pretty much had it so when I called PDS they came out straight away and replaced the drain within a matter of days. They were very courteous and efficient with their work and god forbid if my drainage system goes again then they would be the first company I would call

Unblocked drain

A very kind knowledgeable chap ( Michael ) arrived to unblock my main drain very fast service and as this was a issue that was happening often I decided to have a CCTV inspection although its an extra cost it was a good choice to go ahead as we now know the issue which was causing the blockages, I had then received a quotation from this company to install a sleeve to my drain pipe ( reasonable price ) which we haven't yet had any blockages since this was carried out. Kind regards

Kitchen drain replaced

For the past few months my kitchen outside drain kept having blockages which I was tired of trying to maintain! Called these guys at 8am on a Sunday and they arrived before 10am! Yes on a Sunday! Drain was replaced to a new upgraded plastic one which I’m satisfied it will not be causing me the same problems. Thank you for such amazing service from start to finish! And a huge thank you to the office girl I think her name was Hannah? She was so kind and gave very good communication.


Very good service received from this company for my grandmother with a reoccurring issue with her drain network and having 3 other company’s visit of 3 separate occasions and was unable to identify the issue we then came across this company PDS and they had solved the problem within 45 minutes. Arrived really well presented and friendly thank you.

Blocked waste pipes

I called Precise drainage solutions out to come and survey my drains due to some issues we was having at our property. They quickly diagnosed the problem and solved it promptly, professionally and for a good price as well. Excellent company I’m so glad we used them and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thank you

Blocked drain

Called about 2pm and Jake arrived in less than 2 hours. Job done in 30 minutes. Very friendly service.

Septic tank replacement

Good service and highly polite staff! 5% senior discount helped a lot too, its good to know they apply a discount to the elderly considering some other company's won't bother. All round good regards.

Drain relining

Good company even though was a small delay arranging the machinery needed for the job, I was kept upto date from start to finish by the engineer and talked through the entire process on repair of my drain network! Thank you again for the work completed.

Really fast drain clearance

We have been having issues with blocked drains for a while now and really needed to get it sorted. After speaking with a few companies we decided to go with Precise Drainage Solutions. We couldn’t be happier. They came out fast and had everything they needed to get the job done. Would 100% recommend.

Blocked sink

After coming back from a 3 week cruise. We came back to our sink not working correctly we didn’t think much of it until it didn’t clear and random noises coming from underneath. I called this company and one of there workers arrived same day. After they inspected our sink and ran some checks they found the issue was out side our property, I paid a extra cost for a camera to go in our main sewer and they kindly offered us to watch it as they done the works and finding a “build up of scale” which was clear for us to see they cleared it and upgraded our pot for easy maintenance. Highly recommend

Blocked toilet

Called this company early morning and they arrived soon after, toilet was unblocked within 10 minutes! And I even received a 5% discount due to working for the NHS! Very knowledgeable employees at PDS. Regards Hannah

Soak away installed

Superb quality of work and customer service and the after care is like no other. My work was completed in January by David and Charles before and I am still striving to make sure these guys get the recognition they deserve top service rank you.

Blocked drain

Excellent service from theses guys on time and very polite and job done well I would highly recommend this company

Drain unblocked

Quality service from start to finish, the best part was the good gesture that they unblocked my neighbours drain free of charge whilst on a call out to my property, they truly do care for there customers I had even received a headed letter with a thank you for using them. Reliable fast service.

Frequently Asked Question

A septic tank is an underground wastewater treatment system used in areas without access to a centralized sewage system. It collects, treats, and disposes of household wastewater on-site, breaking down solids and releasing treated effluent into the ground.

You need a septic tank installation when you live in an area without access to municipal sewer lines or if your current septic system is failing or inadequate. New homes in rural areas often require septic tank installations.

There are several types of septic tanks, including concrete, fiberglass, and plastic. The choice depends on factors such as the size of your household, local regulations, and soil conditions.

Septic tanks are usually buried between 2 to 4 feet below the ground’s surface. The lifespan of a septic tank depends on its material and maintenance but typically ranges from 20 to 40 years.

Regular maintenance is crucial to the proper functioning of a septic tank. This includes periodic pumping, avoiding flushing harmful substances, and ensuring the drain field remains undisturbed. A professional septic tank service can provide guidance on maintenance. Understanding the basics of septic tank installation and maintenance is essential for homeowners who rely on these systems for wastewater treatment. It’s advisable to consult with a professional septic tank installer to assess your specific needs and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Yes, regulations and permits vary by location, but in many areas, you’ll need permits and inspections before installing a septic tank. It’s essential to check with local authorities and follow all relevant regulations.

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